Art in Res Poster Series

Art in res logo in custom typeface

Art should be for everyone. 
Art in Res is an online gallery that believes art should be affordable, and artists should get paid. 
Art in Res enables buyers to purchase art in monthly installments so payments are manageable but artists still charge the full value of their artwork. 
The 99 Show is a speculative concept that imagines what a physical Art in Res show would look like. The 99 Show brings the core idea behind Art in Res to life with visuals inspired by protest and resistance art. 

Art in res microsite for rsvps

take-home information card 

can't buy happiness
But it can
support artists. 

the 99 show tote bags


original typeface

A little too young,
a little too reckless...
When initially creating the type for the Art in Res posters, the goal was to get the content down quickly. Using screenprinting ink on tracing paper, the letterforms were very loose and haphazard. 
However, the final art needed some polishing. The goal was to keep the texture of brush strokes while creating more consistency in form. Using a guide each character was painted at 4in x 5in and touched up in photoshop.  

handpainted campaign typeface

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