Vanish trio of flavors: rose at midnight | dark bitter death | Sinner's spice

Once Upon a Time...
In Savannah, Georgia, the Magicians, Wizards, and Spellcasters at Vanish came together after one too many close calls with bad magic. Bad Magic comes from bad moods, moody fits, and ill spirits. So Vanish came up with the cure-all: Chocolate.

Because a Happy Mouth means happy magic. Vanish’s collection of Wizzy Bars means no more magical mishaps...unless you sneak into their box of tricks.

Back of chocolate bars

Illustration Feature Posters

It starts with a demographic... 
Create a brand of chocolate for magicians. 
In the most literal sense -- chocolate for magic-havers, illusionists, practitioners of the craft, and wielders of the wand. 
But at the heart of it, Vanish is for dreamers, believers of the vibes, readers of aura. People who believe in something more. 

the origin of vanish (kinda)

ideation that inspired the brand name

Disappears right below
your eyes ...
Ideating about all the types and "brands" of magic created a rich language library to create copy from. 
Vanish values a tongue-in-cheek tone that comes off as clever rather than punny. There's a little bit of magic in everything Vanish says - whether it's the flavors of the chocolate or a social post. 

vanish style tile

exploration on dieline

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