Percy accidentally vaporized his algebra teacher...
Rick Riordan’s novel, The Lightning Thief, quickly became a New York Times Bestseller and staple of childhood in 2005. The story follows a Greek-mythology-inspired journey of three adolescent demigods. Over a decade later, Riordan’s novels have maintained popularity and a cult following of the now-adults who grew up with the stories.
It started in 5th grade... 
In 2005, every nine-year-old in NYC was reading learning about greek-mythology and therefore reading The Lightning Thief. 
With four additional books in the series, a failed movie franchise, graphic novels, and a Broadway musical, the book has been printed and reprinted countless times. 
The Lightning Thief has worn many covers, all featuring the titular lightning bolt. The covers generally allude to the daunting task at hand in the book. When approaching a redesign of the cover, instead of inspiring fear, the focus was on the rich whimsical world Riordan created by blending the contemporary world with the tales of Ancient Greek mythology.

annotated chapter index

original ink illustrations

cleaned up illustrations (aka post-photoshop)

First draft layout

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